It was not a crisis, was scam


 “aid to banks is 77% greater than that announced Espanael Bank Court of Auditors figure at 108 billion euros the public money granted banking from 2009 until 2012.

The CAM and Bankia have been financial institutions that received more grants, receive more than 47 billion.”The executives of seven bailed-out boxes were compensated with more than 270 million eurosSolo the members of the Board of Directors of Caja Madrid perceived 71.5 million between 2007 and 2011. The CAM bankers pocketed 41,85 million; those of Novacaixagalicia, 35; of Caja Segovia 33; of Caixa Penedès, 32; those of Bancaja, 30; and the Catalunya Banc, 27 million.”(From the press on April 7, 2014)

Hegel said “the people are that part of the State who doesn’t know what it wants”.
But there is a part of the State that if knows what he wants: Rob us. They have seven years speaking to us of ” crisis ” raping our lives and our farms, cutting back our rights, practicing a thorough State terrorism by the sharpest of violence: violence of lying. Someone said: “it is not crisis, it’s the perfect administration of a scam”.
There are some men who appear “as” our rulers.
But they are not, are “send you” ones filed in banking, which are those who actually govern us. Those oddballs of fine art maintained that we call the Presidents or Ministers said with all the false solemnity that are able to “banking rescue would not cost a penny to the Exchequer”.
It was one of their millions of lies. Then they said that “the State would be just secured a loan of 44 billion”. And now, the Court of Auditors, reveals that all money has had to pay 108 billion.More than a hundred billion full of blood, health, education, grants, pensions and wages so that autumn, banking, bankers and global capitalism do not lose anything.
It is the old teoria-estafa of the socialisation of losses and privatisation of gains. With the shameless spectacle added and tolerated managers of institutions broken of dock with multi-million compensation outputs the ribs of all, when they had shown the ‘effectiveness’ of its management. Dog does not eat dog meat, they will say.
Million unemployed, evicted people from their homes, pensions and minimum wages that not even scare physical hunger, and a despotic and cruel caste who wallows in their businesses and profits. So when you people as booty, Blesa or while going to continue freely circulating on the streets?It started with Hegel and ended with Robespierre: “When tyranny collapse should not give time to raise him up.”


Acerca de lucasleonsimon

Nací en Córdoba en agosto de 1947 en el seno de una familia republicana, represaliada por el franquismo. A los catorce años comencé a trabajar en la empresa Cenemesa, más tarde Westinghouse y más tarde ABB. Me inicié en el sindicalismo y la política clandestina, al mismo tiempo. Fui concejal del Ayuntamiento de Córdoba entre 1983 y 1987, en el gobierno de Julio Anguita. Desde 1985 he ejercido el periodismo de opinión en medios como Diario 16, Nuevo Diario de Córdoba, La Tribuna, La Información, Diario de Andalucia y Agencia Efe.
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